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It has the advantage that it is easy to see how different companies compare. You can point out market leaders and market averages and highlight gaps. Gartner Magic Quadrant Illustration of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant – Image courtesy of Storypitchdecks. Quadrants can measure and display different parameters on each axis. For example, you can compare price levels on one axis and customer satisfaction on another. For a SaaS application, you can include engagement metrics as success metrics, such as monthly unique visitors and time spent on page, etc. Creating an earnings statement is another effective way to hone in on the competition. However, don’t limit the list to client interests.

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Select the specific advantages you offer and compare them to your closest competitors. This is useful in Spain Phone Numbers List markets with many similar competitors that are difficult to distinguish. List everything from product offerings to pricing structures to traffic and engagement metrics. List what you think is relevant to your market and highlight the strengths of your proposed content. Illustrated Benefits Form Benefits Form – image credit to dreamit. com. For some examples, read this article: Competitive Analysis Examples to Help You Get It Right Keeping the Spark You are an expert in innovation, but investors or executives are market experts and often understand the market better than market participants.


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They’ve seen the spark in the host’s eye hundreds of times and watched it fade away in the USA CEO face of a competitive environment. You don’t want to be next. Therefore, before you pitch your startup idea, new feature, new product or business concept, get to know the competition. Surprise your stakeholders with a comprehensive competitor analysis based on insights from Similarweb marketing analysis tools and research intelligence, and who knows, you might light a spark in their eyes. Ace Your Competitor Analysis Want competitor data to determine the competitive slide on your pitch deck? FAQ How do you present a competitive analysis at a pitch? The best way to demonstrate the competitive landscape is to create a competitor map that puts your solution in context.