How To Evaluate Market Seo Performance

But how do you do link building for the market?

The best answer is through social media like Facebook, Instagram. Social media is currently playing an increasingly significant role in organic search visibility. For example, you can join a Facebook group that belongs to your niche.

Be careful not to publicly post your product and follow group rules so you don’t get kicked out.

Another smart way to build links to your products is to get product reviews from experts and bloggers.

Choose bloggers who are genuinely interested or better, niche experts to ensure that you reach your target audience. Follow them and start commenting and also share their content to build rapport.

If you think he or she is qualified, start emailing or texting them asking for an honest review of your product and sharing it with their audience.

How to evaluate market SEO performance

One great thing why SEO is effective is that you can measure and track everything related to it. From traffic, rankings to engagement and revenue, SEO provides the right key insights and tells you how whatsapp mobile number list your site or store is performing.

So how do you know that your SEO is delivering ROI?

Hard to track performance without tools.

Split Dragon for example, has a search rank tracking tool where users can track your product ratings. It also tracks the most valuable keywords that you can use for your product to improve search ranking performance.

Not only that, it also emails you daily up to monthlfrom  Whatsapp Mobile Number List accy search ranking summary and easy to read reports which can be used for business reports and presentations.

This is one of the easiest ways to find out if

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You can read more about the Split Dragon Search Ranking tool in this article . You’ll be amazed how easy it is!

If you already have the tool, here are 5 KPIs you can use to measure and evaluate the performance of your SEO market:

Organic Traffic
An increase in organic traffic shows that you achieved your SEO goal of seeing an increase in people viewing your products.

Find ratings

Search rankings allow you to see if you are USA CEO using the right keywords for your product. Split Dragon search ranking tool allows you to monitor your ranking on Shopee or Lazada.