First Understand – Then Conquer

The avoidant lives by the principle: “If you do nothing, nothing bad will happen.” In fact, such people have developed a fear of making mistakes and of doing something wrong.

So their best way to avoid these mishaps is to do nothing. In the end, they might make a few mistakes, but all they see are also just a few achievements. At work, avoiders are very easy to spot. They rarely talk and prefer to keep their opinions to themselves.

They show a lack of proactivity because instead they adhere to the principle of “I will only do the bare minimum.” They may consider themselves solid and reliable employees, but in reality they lack motivation and ambition.

 Lover of crises

These are people who believe that only the introduction of deadlines can force them to perform better. Unfortunately, instead of organizing their work, they prefer to enprocess Phone Number List willjoy their affairs until the deadline arrives. It’s probably a subconscious thing, but crises aficionados apparently believe that starting work on a task earlier will take away their time for more enjoyable pursuits.

This behavior is further reinforced each time they manage to escape responsibility for a last-minute task. The quality of work done in a hurry often leaves much to be desired. However, mistakes or failure to complete the project on time can also have serious consequences.

 Always busy

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A busy procrastinator is definitely busy – unfortunately, he has trouble prioritizing his affairs. He does what he feels he should do instead of thinking and choosing it. what he should actually do.

Prioritizing things is a step that takes more time, so our busy procrastinator decides it’s not worth it. So he’s actually putting off doing something that’s really important because he hasn’t been able to assess its importance in the planning process.

As a result, such people focus on performing easy tasks that do not have a major impact on the entire project. Surely you know people around you who always look super busy, but are USA CEO using the right the results of their work are negligible. They are eternally focused on the little things and practically “blind” to the things that can make the biggest difference.