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Search Look up words or phrases you enter in or search to find the information you nee. Geo-relevant queries mean that search results are generate base on the user’s location. For example, if you are in Moscow and you enter where to buy a mobile phone into your search, the search engine will first show you the Moscow store’s website. A query is said to be geo-independent if there is no location dependency. Information Requests A request of a non-commercial color is formulate to search for any information on the website. For example, what’s the weather like this weekend or this easy recipe for cherry pie.

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Transaction Request This request shows a clear intent to purchase a specific Morocco Phone Number List product. Such a request contains the words cheap, download, buy, etc. means to replace, that is, to reirect the user to a different . Reirects will help you not to lose traffic when moving your site to a new platform if the user enters the old address, the system will automatically reirect him to the new address. Semantic markup See Micromarkup  A server is a computer that stores data about files, programs, and websites and provides access to them for clients. Robot Exception Criteria See  Semantic Core, or Semantics, is a list of keywords and phrases that best reflect the site’s theme, company scope, and product idiosyncrasies.

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Semantic Core helps to better understand user interests and tailor site USA CEO sections. Content and contextual advertising to their nees. The services we have selecte will help you gather the semantics of your website quickly and efficiently. Stopwords, or noise words, are words and combinations. Thereof that search engines do not consider when indexing because they have no meaning. Noise words include introductory constructions, pronouns, particles, conjunctions, etc. Disgusting see entry Density  nesting level how many pages. It takes to get from the site’s home page to any particular page. The fewer clicks require, the easier it is for users to find the information they nee.