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A short and wide page title. Description A more detaile description of the content of the page. The title and description are displaye in the site fragment in the search results. Keywords A list of search queries from which users can search for information from the page. A special order of page layouts that meets the nees of search engines. Helps the algorithm to more correctly and accurately determine the structure and content of the site. Text is the text on the website, which includes key words and phrases of the topic.

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It is optimize for specific user requests, so pages with text appear more often in Malta Phone Number List search results. A sitemap or sitemap is a special file that contains all the information about a resource. It is locate at the root of the site and is use for proper indexing of web pages. We have prepare a simple instruction on how to find and remove duplicate pages or robots exclusion criteria is a file in the root directory of your site where you can specify which pages should be exclude from the indexing process. Refers to the address where the above resource is locate. These take users to different pages on the website.

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Example URL A responsive layout is the design of website pages that automatically USA CEO adjust to the user’s orientation and screen resolution. A well-designe website can be conveniently use from laptops and tablets or mobile phones. Highly specialize keyphrases of long-tail words or more. Since they are use less frequently than regular keywords, it is easier for websites to get to the top of the results using them. Regular keywords long tail keywords . Domain text address, which is the name of the site on which users find resources. Domain name example which represents the geographic domain area of ​​Russia.

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