How is a Usability Test Performed

There are many benefits that you can count on after conducting usability testing – we will mainly focus on the most important advantages of this approach.

First of all, it is worth noting that this type of research is quite quick to conduct. In most cases, just a few days are enough to thoroughly check the key elements of the website and prepare a comprehensive report.

It is also usually the cheapest element of the SXO SEO research package when we decide to have the tests conducted by an agency . Problems that lead to an extension of the page checking time are quite rare – so we can quite confidently count on receiving feedback that will allow us to start improving the page.

Usability tests examples

One of the most important benefits of usability testing is the ability to quickly diagnose specific sales and image Whatsapp Number List  problems. This is especially important for online store owners – for these types of companies, user experience is crucial to business success.

Importantly, such tests (together with the changes implemented on their basis) can effectively increase customer loyalty and also reduce the costs of running a store by eliminating ineffective processes.

Yes, that’s not true. In practice, as is often the case in positioning, nothing is known for sure. It is impossible to clearly state whether the time a user spends on a website is always an indicator of its quality.

Each Usability Test Should Be Carried Out According

The first method is the so-called guerrilla usability tests, which involve “catching” the first person you meet who agrees to act as a respondent.

This way, we can count on feedback from someone who will be able to look at the USA CEO website and its functioning neutrally. A UX audit will help you identify website usability issues in a more systematic way. Remote usability tests use various types of instant messengers – we must ensure that the tested person shares the screen of their computer or laptop.

The website may have, for example, poor navigation or an unclear structure, and then the high dwell time will only result from users wandering around looking for information.