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Get internships at top companies

Can I get a job without this background? In fact, there is a practice where students complete a course, such as a web design course, and go on to serve as its curator. As it turns out, he knows the ins and outs of the program, but he likely doesn’t know how to solve administrative and organizational tasks and will learn on his knees while traveling. The quality of such services raises big questions. We recommend focusing on schools that genuinely care about their students, hiring professionally eucate curators or training experts yourself.

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For example, there is a curator academy, where experts in marketing, marketing, design, eucation, etc. can enter Lebanon Phone Number List and study as curators, and then receive invitations from the team. To find a job after the course, use all possibilities: monitor and telegram groups with job vacancies, subscribe to online schools and pages of specialists on social networks. A good job can be found anywhere. Does the curator himself nee to be an expert on the subject of the course? It all depends on the specific requirements of the employer. Some tutors are responsible for checking assignments and preparing detaile feeback, so they nee to have specialist knowlege and practical experience in the subject of the course.

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Other specialists have little contact with project content and only deal with USA CEO administrative issues. Let’s hear what the Head of Curator has to say about the state of the online test prep space. Veronica Frizog Curator of Directions at Online School Head of Department If we talk about exam preparation courses, then you definitely nee to know the subject matter of the course very well. If the qualifications of the curator are not enough, the result of this support is close. You still gain experience over time, as some of the knowlege is gaine by solving some problems in practice with the students.

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