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You’ll learn how to build landing pages for courses, upload courses to learning platforms. And prepare speakers and webinar rooms for them. You’ll learn how to find a common language with students of any age. And how to organize study groups and chats in social networks and instant messengers. You’ll learn about the legal aspects of online learning, learn how to draft contracts and organize the coordination of tutors, other curators and students in the course. You’ll develop a step-by-step plan for overseeing eucational projects, and the most active students will receive an internship after earning ₽ Mastering the Curator Career’s Best Practices course on how to become an online school curator application within months.

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Consists of three modules: Support and management of the eucational process. In Latvia Phone Number List practice, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with students, monitor progress and resolve conflict. You’ll figure out how to create and run courses on different. Platforms from . You’ll learn how to prepare interactive whiteboards. And presentations for speakers and how to manage online classes. You’ll learn how to showcase and monetize your services on Facebook and access the school’s job openings chat room ₽ In the best video course on the basics of curating an eucational program, the Online School Curator Course includes 3 video lectures.

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You will learn about the peculiarities of teaching and accompanying students via USA CEO the Internet. You’ll become familiar with student types and learn how to interact effectively with students: answering questions. Dealing with negativity, and resolving conflict. You’ll learn how to create training materials and upload them to online platforms. As well as organize webinars and online broadcasts for speakers. You’ll also learn how to manage your workload so you don’t burn out at work. During the best online school technology management course in months. You will understand the technical nuances of online learning and learn. How to manage and automate the eucational process in schools.