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What is a brand book? The Clap hands brand book. Or “brand book”. Is a compilation of instructions for the companys communication and it usually contains at least the following elements the companys strategy and story in some form guidelines for company tone of voice graphic guidance on the companys brand look the share of strategy and story varies in brand books for the reason that if the company has a longer history. For example. The companys strategy may be very clearly form.

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Among other things. Because the communication remains suitable for the target group. You can read more about b2b email list tone-of-voice here. Finally. We come to the graphic guidelines (brand look). Which is sometimes wrongly thought of as brand guidelines. Even though the brand look is only one part of the whole brand. Regarding the brand look. It is usually defin as logo and its use colors typography image world other graphic elements in addition to these.

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b2b email list

Thats why its important to constantly offer different stimuli to remind you of your brands USA CEO existence. One of the most effective ways to do brand advertising today is social mia advertising. However. In order to maximize the benefit of the stimuli (in this case. Advertisements). It is especially important that the stimuli can be strongly connect to each other and thus to a specific brand. However. Simply keeping the ads uniform is not necessarily enough.

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