A very short syllabus

The brand book therefore serves as a guide for A very short people working within the company. But also for outsiders. If. For example. An external marketing agency does social mia advertising for you. The brand book serves as a guide for them to get a good idea of ​​your brands “style” and the room for interpretation decreases. The brand book therefore significantly increases your chances of developing your brand awareness.

Companys brand can develop

So these things are under control. Are they? A companys brand can develop significantly in 10 years. So if its been a while since the last brand workshop. It might be time to at least b2b leads dust it off. Ok. Sounds good! Where can i get the brand book? We implement the brand book through a digital brand strategy . In short. The process goes like this we start by thinking about the companys strategy and story. After which we create a suitable tone of voice and brand look. In addition.

Strengthening the brand

b2b leads

So at least there can be no harm in strengthening the brand. In the simplest terms. It means that when your customer USA CEO commits to your brand. They dont have time to research your competitors brands. In addition. I would like to remind you at the end that when you finally get to compile a brand book for your company. It is essential that it is follow in the companys everyday life. So share it with all your employees and partners to study. For example. Ubers brand book is publicly display here .

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