100 Best Twitter Accounts in Spanish to follow in 2015

100 Best Twitter Accounts in Spanish to follow in 2015. In this post I present a list of the best Twitter accounts in Spanish. To prepare this list of accounts I have used the Alianzo Ranking as a reference, and I have established the following search criteria: Twitter accounts in Spanish. Marketing and Social Media Professionals. 

Why do I recommend these Twitter accounts.

I always recommend to my Social Media students that when they begin their journey on Twitter. Therefore, they dedicate Outlook Email Lists some time to observation and learning. Therefore, and what better way to do it by following great Twitter references in Spanish. Many of the professionals I recommend are on this great list. Therefore, but there are many others, although they are not as popular for this analytical tool. Therefore, I personally love the quality of their communication through this channel. Therefore, which is why right after I added a small selection of Twitter accounts segmented into three categories; SEO , Social Media and Marketing in General.

Define what you want to achieve

Define what you want to achieve. Before asking an influencer for a favor. In addition, you should know exactly what you want them to do and what results you expect from it. Vague and inaccurate requests are usually not answered, so be precise in your intentions. Do you want me to share your post. In addition, Have him do an interview. That he mentions USA CEO your company on his blog. Whatever the case, try to limit what you ask for in your first request. Make it short and simple, not taking the influencer more than 10-15 minutes.

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