Cause a decrease in the recipients trust

Interviews in the press, reports on the company’s cooperation with other entities or institutions, press statements, press conferences, reports on preparations for a new production or development of the company, films about the company’s history or the technological process use, broadcasts and conversations with experts, running profiles in social meia, cooperation with industry portals, online press office, information bases for journalists, website maintenance, blogs and videoblogs, meetings and gifts – symposiums, conferences, seminars, maintaining personal contacts with clients, contractors, business partners and industry experts, lobbying. participation in industry parties and events.

The brand We recommend

Gifts and gadgets reminding about the existence and activity of the company, open days of the company for clients or employees’ families, meetings with experts, publishing, exhibition and postal activity – brochures, leaflets, folders about the database company, its history and scope of activity company calendars and occasional prints, exhibitions and exhibitions illustrating the history of the company’s development, information stands at prestigious fairs, sending occasional letters, Christmas wishes, invitations to corporate events and events, maintaining letters and telephone contacts with clients.


PR goals how to achieve them

Contractors and business partners, charity activity – transferring funds.  An items for charity purposes and sponsoring scientific, artistic or sports activities.  Crisis management – preparation of proceures for dealing with a crisis, training of a crisis USA CEO team.  Development of rules of cooperation with the meia during a crisis, creating identity – development of a trademark and logo as well as a book of signs (visual standards), implementation of an identification system and securing the right to the identification system. PR activities are not effective? We will verify what works for your company! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you What PR activities to launch first? When starting practical activities in the field of Public Relations, the first step is the hardest to take.