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They will be the ones who decide if everything we have rais is good or bad. Accessibility design and accessibility are want ne . Many times we hear this old belief that this website must be accessible, so it will have a bad design , referring to the fact that it will have a bad visual appearance. Well, we believe that it is certainly just the opposite. An accessible website makes us work on the design even better, to achieve an even greater degree of perfection in our website. The power of the web is in its universality. Tim Berners-Lee, director of the w c director and inventor of the world wide web we.

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Must take care of all the aspects and requirements that are ne to comply with the wage web content accessibility guidelines . From design  Belgium Email List we will focus on the part of visual perception mainly. A correct application of contrasts through color and size . Also, a clean and clear design, with a well-structur layout of the elements will affect the correct understanding of our website, so it must be easy to understand, navigate and interact with it. In the development phase we will already implement all the more technical requirements that will make.

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A website navigable and understandable in different ways. Test, test and test experimenting and validating is key testing with our  USA CEO users is key we design for them, not for our client or for ourselves . Although it is very repetitive, we design and create our websites and online stores for our users, not for us or our clients. We must never lose sight of this. Maybe a mustard yellow we love, but is it what our users like? Here we enter the phase of doing research and testing with real users. This will save us a lot of money in the mium or long term.

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