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We can do usability tests with prototypes, card sorting and tree tests to define and validate our information architectures, and much more. Animation to give life giving a certain dynamism or animation to our websites will make them seem to come alive, and this can improve the interaction between the user and the “machine”. Let’s be honest, in the end we are interacting with a cold entity, with a machine, but we can make it as kind and friendly as possible. The interaction and feeling that the user feels with our website will be key when making decisions.

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A friendly and usable website can make it be interpret by the user in a positive way and generate confidence to contact us Benin Email List or to buy in our online store, and generate a link for future visits. Ux writing it is a methodology bas on ox user experience that serves to define the most appropriate words and phrases. Bas on this, ox writing brings content to life so that the experience is friendlier, simpler and more intuitive. The main difference with copywriting is that it is much more focus on sales, while ox writing is more focus on empathizing or guiding the user.

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It is like the text with which the user will interact buttons, chats, forms, messages, popups, etc. Clear, concise texts and easy to understand USA CEO usable are the key to good texts for users to achieve their goals on our websites. Usable calls to action cats we must never lose sight of our objectives, that is, if we want them to contact us on our website, or sell products in our online store, this must be done by guiding the user to complete these objectives. One of the most us resources for this are calls to action or cta call to action.