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That you don’t have to install anything, and being able to work from the browser itself , makes it very attractive, since you can work from anywhere and from any device that does have a connection . Many creatives use it not only for UI design, but also for graphic design in general always more focus on digital environments, not offline or print , since it has a lot of potential, and we centralize everything in one. Pros You don’t have to install anything, you work from the browser and in the cloud, wherever you are. You also have the option to download and install the App. Integration with countless plugins.

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Powerful collaborative system. Cons If you’re us to other tools in the Adobe world, it might be hard to get us to it, but nothing serious. The learning curve is low. If you do not have an Internet connection, you will not be able to use all the features to the full. Penpot Here Antigua and Barbuda Email List comes a new player to break the market, it’s call Penpot , and it’s Made in Spain , develop by the Spanish company Kaleidos. It is Open source free software and free. Yes, you read that right, free! Some know it as the free or free Figma as a great alternative or rival to Figma , due to its great similarity in terms of its interface, and it is so.

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If you have work with Figma, in a matter of hours you will feel at home with this tool. We have been tinkering and testing, and the truth is that it left a very good taste in our mouths. Pros Countless features and advanc functionalities, it has USA CEO nothing to envy to the other tools that have been on the market for a long time, since it has been nourish by them. Cons The only thing we miss is the function of limiting the screen size for prototyping, to be able to see more realistically how our design fits ‘above the fold’ and when scrolling.

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