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We recommend trying it https penpot. Put aside tools to design websites or any type of interface such as Photoshop or Illustrator, and use specific and optimiz tools for it. CLICK TO TWEET Testing and user research UX research and analytics Now we are going to introduce you to some of the tools that we have test or that we use in our research and analytical processes . The perfect complement to the previous tools. useberry It is a powerful tool that allows us to validate and test from our prototypes to our websites already in production.

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We can carry out tests with real users of their databases, and be able to create quite advanc segments for our tests. Also perform Tree test and Card Sorting, very effective for creating and validating our information architectures. This is the current list Argentina Email List of tests that can be perform single task multiple tasks Open Analytics First Click Second Test Online Surveys Card Sorting tree test preference test The tool costs about $ in its Pro version , the most recommend. Although it has a Free version to do some tests. You can carry out tests with users with your own participant recruitment under the Prolific platform , which hosts many countries, and a very advanc audience segmentation.

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It has a separate cost, depending on the type of test, number of participants, etc. They have integration with major UI design tools like Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch. Maze It is the direct competition of Useberry, since it is a tool with similar USA CEO characteristics, and we can carry out practically the same experiments. Prototype Testing tree testing -Second Test Surveys Panel Card Sorting Video Recordings In-Product Prompts Live Website Testing It also has a Free version to try, and a professional version that starts at.

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