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According to reports, analysts estimate that about 10,000 people were engaged in transactions in Russia in 2010. And in 2019, the number of people with brokerage accounts hit a record million. Even though most of them are long-term investors and novices buying small amounts of shares for profit, the number of traders in Russia has increased significantly over the past three years. The political and economic events of the year had an adverse effect on the popularity of the trader profession. Since the end of the month Moscow Exchange volumes have dropped significantly and many market participants have suffered heavy losses.

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Maybe this fact will dissuade you from choosing a career as a trader, or, on the contrary, it Namibia Phone Number List will motivate you, since the competition in the market has become much lower. Experienced traders believe that it is much more difficult to make money on the stock exchange in calm times. After all, it is a storm, not a calm sea. It is the best time to catch big fish. A Trader’s Schedule and Format A trader may work for an investment firm, bank or brokerage firm, or trade independently with his own money and therefore work only for himself. Here’s how their charts differ: Self-employed traders These specialists decide their own work schedule.

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Typically, independent traders only sell one or two days a week, and the rest USA CEO of the time they read news reports, research stock indices, analyze expert opinions, fill out trading journals, and so on. Clear schedules and consistency help traders work more efficiently and earn more; corporate traders often need full-time stock trading specialists in the state. Therefore, there are multiple job openings for traders ready to work full-time, only part-time job vacancies. A trader’s salary level depends directly on the type of work. We’ll tell you what the salaries of businessmen in the state are, as well as those who work for themselves.