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Remember us and come to us, compare to other competitors. For this, there is differentiation differentiating ourselves in some way from the competition , or disruption going one step ahead of the competition . Hybrid chats the combination of human and bot chats, to give all the support our users ne. Working together is the key. Bots for simple transactions perhaps as a first filter , and humans for more complex problems or doubts. Research, first of all before designing a website we must investigate. Designing is almost the last step, that of giving shape and conceptualizing everything we have learn in the previous phases of research.

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They are key to the success of the project. Here we will define the requirements of our project bas on the nest of our users. “don’t make Bhutan Email List him think” the fewer options you have to choose a better user. Hick’s law “the time it takes to make a decision increases as the number of options increases.” we recommend reading Steve rug’s book – don’t make me think. Bonus add value to our websites if you want your current website to be successful and that success last for several years, keep these ideas in mind visual coherence between channels. Define coherence and a style for our brand in all our channels, be they web, networks, newsletter, videos, etc.

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Augment reality and d customizers. For the purchase of certain products, some platforms such as amazon or idea use augment reality tools USA CEO to see how the product would look in our home. Besides, they give us the opportunity to configure the products as furniture, in the case of idea, customize it and adapt it to our nest, and order it directly. Video on our websites yes or no? Not as a decorative element, but as quality content. We are not going to enter into a debate on whether video is yes or video is not, it would have to be study in each case or type of website, but we do believe that this type of video can provide quality content for the user.

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