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Each sector is different and it is very difficult, if not impossible. To give a magic recipe for the impact of digitization. But, in the sectors where this digitization has been consolidate. The companies that have opt for this trend have experience. Greater growth by having more .Customers and being able to improve the quality price ratio. Even so, it is important to understand that it is not enough .To say that a company has been digitize. It is necessary to see if this process has been done correctly. That is, if it provides more Real value to the client and is economically sustainable for the company.

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Not all offline consumers want to buy online, Alan fusty from adapical click to tweet – what do you think are the greatest advantages Belize Email List of online commerce over offline. Do you think that any offline company today should have ecommerce or webathon. Generalization of the use of devices connect to the internet, especially smartphones .Allows people to buy in a more agile way, at any time and from anywhere. This has had an evident impact on the consumption habits of the population, above all, due to the convenience that online commerce represents compare to offline.

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I don’t know if any offline company can sell online, mostly yes. But i think what is relevant is that not all offline consumers want to buy online. This means USA CEO that the market niche of offline commerce will not be exhaust, mainly by consumers who prefer humane treatment. – if you were given a choice, what digital marketing strategies would you invest in? Sea, seem, errs if I can only choose one, in our case i would opt for errs since they allow us to add value to potential clients webinars, training, content of interest, etc.

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