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If the course does not meet the criteria, for example it contains irrelevant topics in the course, then it is certainly not in our selection. Frequently Asked Questions About Training Confectioners We work with experts to answer the most common questions for beginners. Is it possible to learn how to make confectionary products remotely? Yes, there are just as many exercises in online courses as in-person learning. The teacher evaluates the look and fit of your product based on the photos and shares comments and suggestions. If your dessert keeps its shape and the cuts don’t turn into porridge, you’re doing everything right. You and your loved ones can savor the taste of it.

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If the course doesn’t have expert feedback, then you can invite friends to rate and taste Phone Number List your dessert. The advantage of distance learning is that you save time and you don’t have to go anywhere, let alone bring your inventory or products with you. These lessons will be available after the course and you can return to them and refresh your knowledge. Why buy a course when the internet is already full of cookbooks? Recipes on the Internet are videos or text with step-by-step instructions for the cooking process. This form of training does take place, but be prepared because you’re going to have a lot of questions afterward.

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Cookbooks don’t teach you cooking techniques, where to buy produce, what ingredients USA CEO and equipment are best to use, etc. In courses, in addition to knowledge, you get expert feedback, certificates confirming your skills and systematized knowledge. Additional candy recipes not covered in the course can expand your assortment for customers. What equipment do I need to complete the course? Typically, basic tools include a scale, conventional or planetary mixer, pastry bag and nozzle, silicone mat, string or saw for cutting cookies, thermometer, substrate, ring, and cake stand.