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Be careful, we will always do this under investigation and data analysis with google analytics for example , to get to know our users better. And after this phase, we will focus on what really matters to our users. Read more here > what is mobile first and what is its importance diversity and inclusion we continue to make special mention of making our website as inclusive as possible. Let’s break stereotypes, use photographs of ordinary people, let’s generate empathy with our users. Let’s take into account aspects such as the gender perspective, sexual, racial or belief diversity. Both images and language are key to this. This includes of course that our website is accessible. But we will deal with this a little later.

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Smart loading as we have already seen, this lazy loading is nothing new, but we have to keep taking it into account, very important for  Barbados Email List god google, and for the experience of our users. We tell you more here > core web vitals google for dummies once we have review these points that we should not lose sight of, we will see the keys to make your website or online store a success in . There are many factors and keys that go into game on our websites and ecommerce. We are going to review the most important aspects in each one of them design and style.

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For ui fluid and simple typography geometric fonts, sans serif, easy and friendly to read, and that adapt well to all types of environments  USA CEO and devices are key when it comes to transmitting and displaying our message through text. We do not recommend using more than two fonts, one for titles, and another for body text. Even if it can be one, even better. We recommend that you visit google fonts, since they have a wide range of very high quality fonts that we can use in our projects in a free way. It is not just choosing the font, but then knowing how to apply it well color-contrast, size, line spacing, etc.