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Have you had to make changes

Click to tweet the color in we can share the colors that will be the trend for the next according to color or pantone. But what we want to convey to you is that we always choose colors with common sense. Colors that represent our brand, and that are attractive to our users, always looking for that balance. If we like them, but our users find them horrible, we have nothing to do. We are committee to enhancing light colors, taking advantage of all the advantages that it offers us, and playing with very bright colors, and with strong but pleasant contrasts to give life and freshness to our websites.

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Maximum quality in the images if we want a quality site and transmit confidence, the images must be of quality and with a good  Belarus Email List resolution for the eye of our users. Can you imagine apple selling the MacBook pro with blurry images? We know that sometimes it is difficult to find the balance between weight and quality, since we are require to have good quality images, but that they weigh very little, and sometimes it seems that this is impossible to carry out. The designer says that it looks blurry, but the sea manager demands that it cannot be more than kb.

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Well, today we make special mention of the webs format, develop by google. A format for images, both with background and without USA CEO background equivalent to pang that will help us with this task optimally. This format is nothing new, we are not discovering the wheel, we are just using it. Some experiments already done indicate that the average webs file size is between and smaller. We found that the average webs file size is – smaller compare to the jpeg file size that has an equivalent swim index. Minimalism reinvent . Minimalism as a concept is a more than recognize current trend.

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