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Use the YouTube trending tab

Best Coaching & Counseling Fundamentals A comprehensive one-month course for coaches, psychologists and managers with a human resources orientation. You’ll learn how to use elements of counseling to conduct coaching sessions and understand the intricacies of techniques such as symbolic drama, Eriksonian hypnosis, and generative coaching. You’ll learn how to help clients cope with loss, deal with self-doubt, and find internal resources for growth. The course will also have a positive impact on your inner state you will understand your goals and aspirations, overcome childhood trauma and be able to make more informe decisions. You will learn how to present yourself and find clients design professional pages on social networks and learn how to increase the cost of services. At the end of the course is the final exam.

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You will coach with real clients and document the results in a report from. Best Management Albania Phone Numbers List Training Courses at the Academy of Additional eucation. An awesome one-month course for tutors, HR specialists, corporate executives and Anyone planning to become a professional business coach. You’ll learn how to identify the potential of specialists and develop their competencies, and understand which tasks should be set for employees to contribute to the company’s growth. You will learn how to build constructive relationships between leaders and subordinates, and how to engage in dialogue during conflict.

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You’ll learn to cope with emotional burnout, stay calm in stressful USA CEO situations. And you’ll gain more confidence in yourself and find inner harmony. The program includes an additional module to create a professional development plan. You’ll see in yourself the resources for career development, set goals and create a plan to get there. Get Best Short Course for Beginner Coaches This course lasts months for beginner coaches, psychologists, and anyone intereste in self-development. The introductory section of the program is devote to the history, definitions and types of coaching. By this stage, you have an idea of ​​how a coaching career might be right for you.

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