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The Keyword Tool allows you to easily assess the value to you of the keywords in your question. Screenshot of question query results in Keyword Builder Further reading: Keyword Research Tips for Professionals A tip on how to create content for question keywords Put your answer directly after the question keyword. For example, use the keyword as . The first sentence of the following paragraph should be a concise, precise and understandable answer. Keep it short and to the point. Less is more, so stop talking nonsense. Too many words, jargon, or long sentences can be a burden on both readers and search engines. Use bullet points and numbers.Include checklists or bullet points in your content whenever possible.

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These are easy for Google to understand and provide clear, focused information Belarus Phone Number List Add images. Images and illustrations are your content and supporting assets. They provide more opportunities to add keywords in the image itself, alt text, and image captions. Add a question and answer session. In addition to answering questions in the body of your content, consider adding questions and answers to your pages. Update the schema to help identify if they are eligible for the People Also Ask feature. Find problem keywords to optimize your content to you. If you haven’t done so by now, now is the time to supercharge your SEO with question keywords.

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Instead of using keywords in questions, turn keywords into questions. Oh wait, you USA CEO can save yourself the trouble. The keyword function does it for you. Find the most frequently asked question keywords with instant access to the latest, most reliable data source. Frequently Asked Questions What are question keywords? Question keywords are keywords in the form of questions. For example: When was the first moon landing, what is the best product? or where to buy the product? etc.

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