Tips for Indonesian Digital Talent

So that the script can be understood by a computer, during the coding process you must follow the applicable syntax rules. Syntax rules really depend on what programming language you use when writing the script. In other words, coding is an activity where you tell the computer what to do for you. A code in a script can be likened to everyday language. Every code you write will help the computer know and understand what you want to do on the computer. The computer will receive this command and the computer will perform operations based on the command you wrote. 

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It was mentioned previouslyappear from a set of code. The script is what tells the computer to display this web page. Programming language To start coding or learning to code , the first step is to determine ws database the programming language that will be used. Determine the programming language according to your goals and what you are going to create. There are various kinds of programming languages, each programming language has its own goals and characteristics. For example, if you want to start coding to create an Android application, you can use the Java or Kotlin programming language. Meanwhile, if you are going to start coding to create a web application.

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Then you can use the PHP, languages. Actually, you can freely choose the programming language you want to use. Here are some popular programming languages that you can use to start coding . PHP Python JavaScript Java C++ C# C Ruby Swift R Go Coding Example From the previous explanation, you already understand USA Ceo that coding is an activity when you write program code using a certain programming language. So that the program code can be understood and executed by the computer. Example of Coding with PHP For example, suppose you write program code in the PHP programming language, to display the text “Welcome .