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Enjoyed by users abroad. His daily work is related to Front-end and Back-end with JavaScript and PHP programming languages. “It’s difficult but fun,” he said cheerfully. His responsibilities are many, including implementing features Those are the steps to learn to overcome in applications, bug fixing, testing, and maintaining servers. Among all, his biggest task is to ensure that his app, which contains millions of user data, functions well without bugs. Moreover, with a Japanese cultural background, the company is very customer-oriented. Aida must ensure that each feature is executed as perfectly as possible. Hard Skills as a Developer, Absolutely Necessary.

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In Japan, the app created by Aida and her team is growing rapidly. is one of the big players in this business. Aida feels fortunate that the knowledge gained from the IDCamp Scholarship can help her both in starting her current career and uncovering future job opportunities. “With Dicoding certification via the IDCamp ws data scholarship, I know what level my coding competency is at. The teaching material is very complete. I can follow it slowly. Plus, with a code reviewer, I know which parts of the code are lacking, so that in the future my code can be even better.” (Aida) Learning MPWA in Dicoding, Aida admits that she can now create responsive web applications from scratch .

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Ao she understands the basics better. Not to mention the push notifications and cache that he often applies. Aida regularly interacts with her Japanese colleagues every day. This passionate figure says that: “In terms of skills, Indonesian talent is truly no less competitive than Japanese developers. “In my experience, our developers are actually  on the latest USA Ceo developments.” 3 Tips for Go-International Work Closing the conversation that afternoon, Aida expressed her enthusiasm for other Indonesian developers through the following tips. Hardskills & Softskills Being good at coding is absolutely necessary. But that alone is not enough. Must be able to sell ideas through innovation, problem-solving.