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I like the saying that tomorrow, never seek opportunities with those you want, and reasons with those you don’t want. So if you have aspirations, good ideas and like minded people willing to take on projects with you try if I have a complete zero in economics and business, does it make sense to take an entrepreneurship course? It is never too late to acquire new knowledge, the main thing is to choose the right courses. In this article, we have collected online courses specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. They explain the basics of doing business in language a layman can understand, so no special training or experience is required. Welcome to sign up for training.

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If you don’t know what kind of business you want to start yet, choose a general South Africa Mobile Number List entrepreneurship program. If the idea is ripe, look out for specialized online courses on starting a business in a different field. Which is better: buying a franchise or growing a business from scratch? We refer your questions to the experts: Gleb Lubenikov Entrepreneur, Director of Development of Car Rental Services The market is oversaturated: no matter where you point, there are franchises everywhere. That’s not bad, but every year there’s less and less creativity because of the franchise in the business.

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Businessmen are too lazy to invent things, create new products of high quality and USA CEO stand out from their competitors. It’s much easier to take an off-the-shelf wetsuit and jump into the water in it than to invent one yourself. Franchising, in my opinion, is a good example of young people with no business experience who accidentally got a million rubles from somewhere. People with experience and money are less likely to buy franchises and they’re more likely to launder their franchises. The fact that a franchise buyer needs instructions on how to conduct the business within days suggests that this person is unable to describe and scale the business process. Or the person is unsure whether he will describe and measure the processes correctly.