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The goal of this technique is to increase productivity by rucing procrastination and improving concentration. The Pomodoro technique was develop by Italian computer engineer Francesco Cirillo in the s. The technique is nam after him because he us a tomato-shap timer “pomodoro” in Italian to time his work. Over time, the technique evolv into the Pomodoro methodology, which has become a popular time management technique around the world. Focusing on this one in particular, I have heard it call a long Pomodoro or Focus , and it exists as mobile applications and as extensions of different browsers such as Focus To-do.

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Its name is the least of it in the end it is about reaching a point where the level of concentration is high for a longer period than normal Australia Email List usually always at the same time hence routine ” Focus ” where to get the most out of that concentration and execute what nes to be resolv more immiately. How to apply the Focus It is important to have a space of time reserv only and especially to carry out the most important or urgent task or tasks of the day. For this, at acceseo we have this moment in each of our work days known as “Focus”, since we have this block of time in which no one can bother us or speak to us unless it is a matter of high urgency.

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To properly use the «Focus», I would recommend you follow the following steps. This is the way that has work best for me, and I have tri different USA CEO pomodoros within the “Focus” itself. Plan your work – Before you start working, decide what tasks you want to complete during the work session. Make sure you have everything you ne, such as work materials and a timer. Set the timer Set a timer for minutes and work on your select task. During this time, you should stay focus on the task and avoid any distractions.