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Example we will use Clean Installation

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We can launch tests and experiments quickly and easily. You don’t ne to know how to code, since it has an itor from which you can make changes and integrate elements into our variants in order to test them. Conclusion These are just an example of some tools that we find interesting and that we have us or spend in our daily lives to make each project grow, bas on experimentation and growth methodologies Growth . We no longer just paint screens, we must bet on Data-Driven-Design DDD , which is nothing more than making decisions bas on data through experimentation as a scientific methodology .

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Only then will we design exactly what the user nes, and not what we suppose he nes. Although I normally write on the blog to tell you about some Aruba Email List wordpress news, or something that we are applying new within the Access Fronts group , in this week’s entry I want to talk about a routine that has personally help me a lot to increase exponentially my productivity, within the processes of the company. I am going to talk about what we consider the Focus , the moment of the day to eat the frog and/or carry out the most important/heavy/category-as-you-want task within our weekly task cycle.

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To activate Debug Profiling in PrestaShop

To be honest, I found it interesting to talk about this technique after my colleague Jorge ‘s article on asynchronous communication , which I highly recommend that you take a look at it. What is the Pomodoro Technique and where USA CEO does it come from? Table of Contents All this “Focus” comes from the well-known Pomodoro technique , and it would not seem correct to talk about ” Focus “, if I do not leave a brief tip on what a Pomodoro is. The Pomodoro methodology is a time management technique that relies on the use of timers to divide work into short, manageable intervals, call “pomodoros.” Each pomodoro lasts minutes and is follow by a short -minute break. After four pomodoros, a longer break of to minutes is taken.

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