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You’ll be ahead of the curve in your 2020 marketing strategies. Our april #industryinsider is dicat to giorgia mondani . Author. Entrepreneur and social mia influencer in the luxury watch sector. Giorgia is one of the few leading women in the world of watchmaking and thanks to her resourcefulness she has continu her family’s publishing project. Mondani itore . Transforming it into a web platform accessible to customers and professionals. Protagonist among the influencer voices of our luxury watches ranking of january 2020. Giorgia mondani told us her story.

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In addition to collecting the right data. You ne to have the tools to interpret that data and turn it into meaningful information that can inform and support your marketing strategy. Secondly. You ne to ensure that the entire team is align on marketing strategies and is equipp with what they ne to support their implementation. This means giving every team member access to the right data and information to create a better experience for customers. As cmo you can lead by example and lead the team. But business email list ultimately things will work better if you work together. Data is crucial – but what’s even more crucial is how you use it. By working to close these three gaps.

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Their attention to sustainability and responsible sourcing is not a simple element of attraction for the public. But is reflect and present in both the brand’s content and marketing materials. The gap between data and strategy beyond any doubt. We live in a data-driven world. For today’s cmos. This presents both challenges and opportunities. But while data exists in significant quantities thanks to digitalisation. Too often there is a gap between the data a brand has access to and the strategic decisions it makes. USA Ceo In other words: if you don’t turn data into information. You’re missing out on a huge growth opportunity. How to bridge the gap? First.