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The more knowlge you have about your brand’s consumer communities – including who and what influences them and what other brands they align with – the more you will be able to identify and promote shar values. This is also a very effective way to turn followers into customers . It is important to underline. However. That incorporating your values ​​must be done in an authentic and sincere way. Otherwise you risk having an adverse effect on the part of the public. Take tiffany & co. An example of a brand with strong values: it reaches a customer base that shares these values ​​and implements a marketing strategy that increasingly strengthens this bond.

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These two questions are at the heart of another of the marketing challenges cmos will face in 2020: how to bridge the gap between your brand values. Your audience values. And your marketing messages . Because it is important? An alignment of values ​​strengthens the emotional connection between the customer and your brand : this emotional connection will foster brand loyalty and ultimately drive sales. What you ne here is to gain a deeper understanding of your customer.  What b2b leads  interests him? You can dig deeper into your customer profile and gain this understanding through better brand positioning analysis .

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Nordstrom offers a great example of successful omnichannel marketing strategies: customers can create their own digital whislist. Make purchases. Access personaliz content and more; in-store instead. They can collect orders. Access styling services and participate in special events. It is important to underline that customers are guid between different channels in an integrat way throughout their purchasing journey and. At the same time. Marketing messages adapt to the customer bas on their interactions. This is the type of outcome all cmos should be aiming for in 2020. The gap between brand values ​​and USA Ceo consumer values how clearly defin are your company’s values? And how much are they in line with the values ​​of your target audience?