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Radically transform the way we interact with brands and consume products or services. Modern consumers are us to having instant access to information and being able to buy what they want anytime, anywhere. This culture of fast consumption has become a powerful force that drives purchasing decisions and has chang the rules of the game as we knew it. Immiacy as a key factor One of the main drivers of the era of fast consumption is the ne for immiacy . Consumers are looking for quick answers and solutions to their nes, without having to wait.

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This is reflect in the growing number of people who use voice assistants to carry out searches or who prefer ecommerce purchases to avoid trips and lines in physical stores. Another visible indicator is how the Instagram Reels format and the Tikka social network have become kings in the world of Social Mia . The rise of short and direct videos is just another indication Andorra Email List of the rise of this fast consumption. Ikot, the king of instant consumption Ikot is the undisput leader in the short video industry , not for its focus on highlighting user-generat content.

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Unlike other social networks, Tikor presents videos from unknown profiles that match their interests in the main fe of each user, thus allowing for a diverse experience. In its early days, videos on this platform were limit to seconds in length, which offer users a large amount and variety of content in a short period of time. The limit was later extend to seconds , similar to USA CEO the length Instagram allows on its Reels . The fundamental objective is clear consume content quickly . The platform seeks to entertain the user with a wide variety of content to avoid borom and keep their interest for as long as possible. But what is consider a short video ? There is no exact duration establish, but we can generally place between and seconds , with videos of around seconds being the most common, with a maximum of seconds.

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