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I believe that such a design is more harmonious and more attractive to users. Transparent Background A technique for creating graphic elements on a transparent background or no background at all. Most often, such items are save in formats and superimpose on advertisements, photographs, etc. White space is any area of ​​the design that has no background or graphic elements. It can be any color that causes a void in the design decision. Spots are areas of uniform or uneven shading in a design project.

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Spots always have borders, even when superficially they are barely visible. The perception Dominican Republic Phone Number List of composition depends on the shape, color and size of all spots. Resolution is the sharpness and clarity of an image. In digital projects it is measure in pixels per inch and in printe products it is measure in dots per inch. The higher the value, the sharper the image. Blur is an image with less clarity. Blur techniques are use when you nee to stand out one object against the background of all other blurre elements. A grid is a structure of intersecting lines that acts as a kind of framework for other graphic elements. For example, using a mesh when drawing faces it helps maintain symmetry and create realistic elements.

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Textures are bitmaps applie to graphic elements to give them the illusion of USA CEO color, relief, etc. Designs can mimic the texture of stone, metal, sand, wood, and more. Aluminum foil is a graphic with a metallic appearance. With foil, the design becomes even more spectacular, so it is often use in the design of logos and business cards. Whitespace is padding on each side of all elements. Clear space is necessary so that elements do not appear overloade and stand out against the general background. Sketches are rough sketches of designs that help you visualize and refine ideas before creating layouts.