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However, it’s a good story, and we think it applies to a new type of software today as well. In fact, this idea pops up in many promotional ads for digital tools Someone forgot or screwed up, and a new innovative digital tool could save their day. Why does it work? The corporate setting of the video clearly and unmistakably identifies the target audience. Young, ambitious entrepreneurs immediately see themselves represented. Content marketing is about “showing, not telling.” The idea of ​​putting stories in elevators shows the tool’s highest value proposition without putting it into words. This is actually an elevator pitch.

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Microsoft wanted to emphasize how quick and easy it is to create Slovenia Phone Number List reports, and found the ideal location on the th floor of an office building. The camera shows the function in action. In doing so, the video not only claims that Excel is fast and easy to use, but also provides proof. The older business person in the elevator repeated the line, “My spreadsheet wouldn’t do that,” with an additional value proposition The tool was unique and groundbreaking. . Mondgo – Smart pajamas for a better night’s sleep Pajamas have you ever thought about them? Not really. This video will change that; you’ll think about pajamas like never before.

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The Mondgo video ad takes pajamas to a whole new level. Why do we like USA CEO this video? Video ads follow one of the basic rules of marketing if you have a complex product, show it simply, and if you have a simple product, show its complexity. Marketers realize they have a simple product that no one thinks about in everyday life. They then give an almost scientific interpretation of the material while presenting it in an engaging way. Next, you’ll learn how the material affects your body temperature and sleep quality. This video goes a step further and demonstrates the benefits of the benefits. It reminds you that a good night’s sleep affects your quality of life. You sleep better; therefore, you wake up better and feel more confident throughout the day.