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In her view, Russia gains more than it loses from this integration, so the abolition of the Bologna system is not important. We reache out to the Dean and Lecturer at the Finance Academy of the Government of the Russian Feeration to share her views on the situation surrounding the Bologna system. Catherine Bezmertnaya Lecturer and Dean of the Academy of Finance, Government of the Russian Feeration Catherine Bezmertnaya The transition to the Bologna system was initially accepte with distrust by the professional world, and the reorganization of eucation was not easy. Nonetheless, the existence of a bachelor’s degree today is generally accepte by employers and allows talente and energetic graduates to move up the career ladder aggressively.

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By the way, the two-level eucation system has taken root in countries that have Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List never participate in the Bologna process China, Korea, Singapore, India, Brazil, etc. At the same time, many Russian universities have not abandone specialize courses in the past few years, especially those that produce technical graduates. It should also not be forgotten that in Soviet times, in years and years, the duration of study in some specialties (e.g. economics) was years, not years. But many experts in eucation believe and continue to believe that four years is not enough and that the transition to a bachelor’s degree reuces the quality of training. So today we have a great opportunity to reconsider the viability of resuming year-long professional programs in certain areas.

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Rejection of the Bologna System In January 2019, at a meeting of the Bologna USA CEO Process Monitoring Group, the countries decide to suspend the membership of Russia and Belarus in the Bologna System. In this regard, the Russian authorities In March, it announce that it would withdraw from the Bologna system, abandon European eucation standards, and will implement internal reforms in higher eucation. In September, representatives prepare a draft law that would allow universities to introduce a form of specialization in all professions and fields of training.