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Follow social networks and also research colleagues’ cases. Often, a working link from one niche can be test on another with good results. Be sure to participate in offline and online special conferences, try to meet like-mind people and share experiences. Can I combine study and work? Yes, you can. The great thing about distance learning is that you can study whenever it is convenient for you. Therefore, there is no ne to interrupt work for training. Do promoters really make a lot of money? According to reports, the average salary of targeting specialists with more than three years of work experience is rubles. Experienc Manager Monthly Income ruble. Immiately after the training.

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Your income will most likely be ruc as the experience is still minimal and the Spain Phone Numbers List client base is untapp, but it all depends on your effort and desire. No salary cap for promoters Free courses to promote in social networks In addition to paid training courses, you can also find free online courses on the web. In this form of training, there is often no support from a mentor or curator, so complex problems must be tackl on their own and learn through trial and error. In addition, after free training, there will be no certificates on hand that can be present to employers.

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If these nuances don’t scare you, and you’re ready to learn about promotional USA CEO features on social networks, watch our selection of some useful free courses. business. The developers of the popular social network have creat a free ucational course for those planning to promote their business on the social network. Each course includes 4 video tutorials detailing how to place an ad, set up a page, create compelling content, and more. How to activate the ad. On ucational platforms, you’ll find lessons with detail instructions on setting up an ad account and running target ads on social networks.