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Sort by search volume, or another metric to help shape your content strategy. HALLOWEEN TRENDS : halloween keyword The queen keyword of Halloween From the above image, you can see that “halloween costume ideas” reigns all for this festive period’s search trends. Long gone are the days of us sticking our parents’ best Egyptian cotton be sheets over our heads and calling ourselves a ghost we’re getting more creative these days. Or at least, other people are getting creative, and we’re going on Google search to get inspiration or just copy it completely.

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But where is this traffic going? Our Traffic Distribution feature tells us just that, and it looks Ivory Coast Phone Number List like some well-known Halloween brands aren’t letting us get away with the homemade stuff Spirit Halloween, we’re looking at you. The rest are all major publishing sites, with Buzzfee and Cosmopolitan in the mix for the ones that do want to put their creativity to the test. Big publishers are never shy to jump on the seasonal popularity of Halloween and other noteworthy calendar dates , and why would they be? More eyes on their content = more money through advertising. Kerching. halloween trends : halloween costume ideas Intent matters.

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In the ‘halloween’ keyword list in section , you can see the term ‘halloween USA CEO costume ideas’ is labele. As an ‘informational’ term. This means the search intent of the user is to seek information. Not actually purchase. This is reflecte in the SERP results, with. A  huge amount of traffic being share amongst publishing sites rather than ecommerce players. SquadGhouls. The brands that make the money But Halloween isn’t all about the costume ideas, trick or treating, decor, or films. It’s actually about making money sorry, kids. With Similarweb insights, we can see which are the top transactional referral domains receiving the traffic from all Halloween-relate keywords.

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