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Video (optional): depending on the type of product you want to market, it can be of great benefit to generate a video of it on its use or benefits. Name of the product: try to make it precise and not very extensive. Product description: use SEO tools in the descriptions to achieve good search engine rankings. Prices: add the cost of your products and if they have offers. Inventory: add the available quantity of the product you offer so that it is update with each consolidate sale. Product variants: TiendaDA allows you to catalog your products by sizes, colors and other aspects to facilitate customer searches.

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Remember, this is just one of the catalog ideas , on the internet you can find many Pakistan Phone Number List other ways to know how to make a digital catalog quickly and easily. In addition, you always have the option of looking for how to make a catalog in power point and use it in your virtual store. Woman manages wholesale clothing store Source: Pexels Benefits of having a virtual store in TiendaDA In addition to helping you how to make a digital catalog, TiendaDA offers you many other benefits of creating your virtual store with its platform, among these benefits you can find the following.

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Worry-free to answer messages You will no longer have to worry about USA CEO responding to messages on social networks because all the information regarding your products can be found by customers on the page of your virtual store. Due to this, try that the descriptions and information of each product is as detaile as possible, so the only doubt that the customer will have will be to buy immeiately. . Orders are registere in the virtual store All orders that customers make to your store will be registere on the platform, in this way, it is practically impossible for any order to go unmanage on time, which could cause loss of customers due to delays in responding to their purchase.