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Local SEO Solutions 8 Tips to Boost Local

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Local SEO is the process of increasing your business’s presence in local search to attract more customers or clients. Plenty of guides show you how to do local SEO from start to finish. But they can be daunting, as it’s a complex subject. So, in this guide, we’ll keep things simple with eight tips to boost local rankings: Every business can claim a free Google Business Profile, which is a local listing with information about your business. Once claimed, the information you add to your business profile can show up in Google’s web search results and in Google Maps.

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Business profile through Google My Business, Google’s free tool for managing your Google My Business profile. There are lots of details and optimizations you can executive data make here. So in the interest of keeping things simple, let’s take a look at, arguably, the five most important optimizations you should make: Choose the right business type – Google divides businesses into storefront, service-area, and hybrid businesses. The information you enter on the “Info” tab defines how Google sees your business.

Note that the search volumes in Keywords Explorer are national, not local. In other words, they show the estimated monthly number of searches in your chosen country. However, that’s not a huge deal because people typically search for things in the same way from city to city. And what you’re looking for here are the different ways people search for what you offer.

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And set your service area(s). Choose the right business category – You have lots of options here, and some of them are similar (e.g., accountant vs. chartered accountant). Take a minute to USA CEO sift through the options and choose the most appropriate one for you. Add business hours – People won’t visit or call your business if they think you’re closed, so it’s crucial to list accurate business hours. You should also Local SEO do this for holiday hours so that folks know if and when you’re open during public holidays. Add photos – Businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for driving directions and 35% more website clicks, according to Google. 

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