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We’ve put together a collection of popular courses, from web development to fashion design. If you find an option you like there, feel free to leave a request on the school website. And don’t forget that the discount is only valid for a limit time. Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! Subscribe to Channels Subscribe to Programming We’ve analyz the modern market and identifi two careers that will provide you with jobs for decades to come. The first one is a full stack developer. This is an all-around expert who understands both the backend and the frontend, so two developers in the team were replac at once.

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The second currently relevant career is that of a cybersecurity specialist. It El Salvador Phone Number List protects data on your computer from hackers, keeps services up and valuable information out of the wrong hands. Below we tell you where to buy profitable training for these specialties. Full-stack developers in the School Full-Stack Developer Cyber ​​Security Expert Skillbox course at Over the course of a month, you’ll learn how to create an interactive interface for a website or application and program its backend using . As a bonus, you will receive an additional course useful for experts. From and Course to English Price before discount The Cyber ​​Security Specialist Course Annual course consists of two parts Fundamentals and Cyber ​​Security. You’ll learn about the operation of operating systems and databases, and learn how to identify weaknesses in programs and systems and defend against hacker attacks.\

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Bonus course you will learn about networking and that will help. You find a job USA CEO or an internship after months of training Price before discounts. Full Stack Developer in Skill Factory courses and In months you will learn. The complete cycle of website development and complete a project. The first month, you will devote yourself to becoming familiar with development and layout. In the next month, you will learn and front-end development, and the remaining months will focus on using server programming. As part of the sale, the school will provide you with a career development course and. The best students will complete an internship at a partner company Someone who reliably protects digital systems.