Improve your website/product by auditing each session

Improving is always a good strategy and is always necessary . Therefore,The principles of Conversion Optimization say something like “you never stop improving, you always have to be testing.” Therefore,Another of the great principles of conversion optimization is that it is much more profitable and easier to go from a 1% conversion to 1.5% than to go from 1,000 visits to 1,500 .Therefore, So, if it is so important and profitable, wouldn’t you appreciate as much information from your visitors to help you optimize? If you don’t buy or leave me your email, could you Therefore,at least give me a little information to improve my service or detect possible problems?

Use Analyitics Demographics to Create Facebook Audiences

As you know, Google Analytics allows the activationTherefore, of an option that collects (anonymous) demographic data from your visitors , to then be able to offer better segmentation if you decide to use Adsense. Well,Therefore, you may think that it category email list would be counterproductive or foolish to use Adsense on a portal of this type. No? Why would you want demographic data? How could it influence your optimization or return on investment? Well, this data could give you ideas about your target audience, whether you are reaching the people you initially wanted to reach and, also, to have information that allows you to better segment your campaigns in Facebook Ads .

Fill remarketing lists for Adwords and Facebook

Shall we start talking about funnels? Hahaha. In our supposed content marketing funnelTherefore,  we have created a website/app (a piece of content) that we know will be of interest to our target audience, our potential client. We have created content So far so good. No? The most widespread option is to try to sell the product USA CEO on the same page that we offer the content. Therefore,For some time now, the other option is to try to collect emails to start a funnel that tries to lead potential customers to buy the product.

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