Focusing Content Marketing beyond the happy ebook

No title, just an idea. I look out the window and everything is the same. At Todoist, everything remains the same. The calendar, the same as always: tight. The cat lying down. The fly that entered in the 45 seconds that I opened the window to “air the atmosphere” continues flying over the landing strip that I will see in my head. My attempts to kill her continue to result in bumps and redness on her bald head… Marina in the background chatting with her grandmother and saying goodbye to mommy, who is going to work. From what I can hear,

Content to attract is not always readable

Know? If I printed and bound every ebook I have in the “to read” folder on my computer, the municipal library in my town would be declared an “official shame.” And you know what? If I deleted them all right now, absolutely nothing would happen . It is true that ebook-type content, done well, is relatively cheap to produce and a category email list good hook to attract leads. But… ahem, there is content beyond ebooks! Videos, images, webinars, infographics, fiasgrafonis, ranibews… Yes, all this is content beyond an ebook and could serve as a hook. And more things. A website, in itself, can be good attraction content . Do not forget. Do you know the number of visits that websites like “ Strong password generator ” have? Well, outrageous. I mean.

Conversion points to squeeze out each session

Okay come on. We have decided that we are not going to make an ebook but a website that solves a very specific problem (rather it can be fun) where people will come and go in just a minute. All USA CEO of that is very nice, but… how do we make those visits profitable? How do we get benefits? Again, the first thing that will come to mind is that, at a minimum, we need your email. Your email is the key to the conversion. It is the beginning of the funnel. That’s what everyone is talking about now. Put in the funnel, automate the funnel, go to sleep. She is the mother of the lamb…