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More than 10,000 queries in the search engine contain the word review If there are negative reviews around the web, and they are at the top of the search results, you could lose a fair share of buyers who type in those queries and read the material on the first page of search. People write negative reviews not just because of poor product quality. Sometimes the company itself allows itself to act incorrectly, damaging reputation and sales. Several major U.S. automakers changed the color schemes of their social media accounts to rainbows this summer in honor of Gay and Gay Day. Therefore, they try to increase customer loyalty in western countries.

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However, in many eastern states that weren’t even involved in the Nigeria Phone Number List operation, experts pointed to a drop in sales. Worthless advertising investment. Branding is always an expense, sometimes seven figure advertising dollars. But even the best advertising campaigns can fail if their reputation is damaged. In 2008, Reebok Russia invited athletes and female activists to shoot commercials. They recorded videos about female stereotypes, which were then referenced by brand marketers. The women’s activist’s catchphrase Switch from the male identity pin to the male face. In social networks, a photo with a tagline gets multiple dislikes and only one like.

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The company quickly deleted the photos, and its chief marketer resigned after USA CEO the incident. But it didn’t help the ad was discussed for a long time, and memes flooded the web. For a long time, all other advertising of the brand was considered negative. Confidence among potential investors has declined. Today, investors are not only interested in the financial reliability of a business, but also in its reputation. There is also a risk that the company will miss out on lucrative contracts due to negative reviews, and there is also a risk that the share price will drop.