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Proposes solutions and strategies based on the results and comments obtained. Also, to send a questionnaire about customer service , it can be very helpful to use social networks. Maintaining activity within these platforms will help you retain customers, and in turn, question them about aspects related to your business. For this reason, the vast majority of important social networks offer quick survey services, through formats such as Stories, with which you can approach your community in a more informal way than via email. It is a good way to get publicity on Facebook , Twitter and other platforms of this type.

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Request feedback by email This strategy to build customer loyalty is usually one Namibia Phone Number List of the most complex, so you should only apply it in specific cases. The reason? Not only is it much more personal and direct than the form, but it’s also complex to send emails to available customers. It is usually a good idea to maintain assertive communication with customers , especially if they have made a previous complaint . In this way, you will be able to follow up on the problem raised.  Keep an active listening on networks It is not just about using surveys within social networks.

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Also, you can use this type of mechanism to find out what they think of USA CEO you in the communities within the platforms . In the same way, you can use technological resources to carry out this search. Thus, you will know what consumers think of you and use the most appropriate strategies to retain customers . . Enforce the use of reviews Reviewing the reviews your customers leave is a great way to learn how to improve people’s shopping experience . A review represents the opinion of a consumer about a certain product or service, so you will know first-hand the strengths of your business and the points to reinforce . User reviews usually refer to specific points, such as the following: Product quality.