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I’m not ready to work with anyone, and the details of the project and payment are important to me. Sometimes I send employers additional questions, and if I get an answer, I take over the task. The job is too big. Of course, choosing full-time seriously is a reason to put the hard part into work. But if you nee to spend half a day poring over the assignment, and the job is part-time or project work, I think it’s a waste of time. The project requires deep immersion. Some tasks cannot be solve immeiately if you are not working in the right type or industry. Onboarding is require, only then the specialist can transfer his experience to a new field.

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If I saw that I spent a lot of time researching this product, while my experience Mexico Phone Number List would be useful, I probably wouldn’t take it. For myself, I’ve decide that when hiring for my content studio, I’ll only assign test assignments to people who I believe in, but the portfolio doesn’t quite convince them of. If a senior expert, I’d check right away in the battle how he protects your job from abuse not all employers play fair: there are people who create fake job openings and send out test assignments just to gather new ideas, and there are people who try to save money and make money on Use free labor at work.

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For example, employers ask copywriters to write descriptions for USA CEO products on the market, and designers ask to issue business cards. In addition, product links are sent to each candidate individually in the personal message. On the one hand, such a task is not too large or complex, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on its implementation. On the other hand, if a person is just collecting free content to design his store at or on, and won’t be collaborating with anyone, the risk is high.