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Above all, because it is the first date of the year in which brands can make promotions and implement their customer loyalty strategy . community manager day There can be no marketing calendar without Community Manager Day ( January ). You can use this marketing date to create publications that celebrate one of the most important professions for digital marketing. February This month is short, and it has few important dates for marketing, however, with a good strategy, it can be use very well. Valentine’s Day Surely you already had Valentine’s Day marke on your community manager calendar , but we remind you that February is one of the marketing dates on which you can celebrate love to sell more.

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Date of love and friendship Source: Pexels March The marketing calendar Taiwan Phone Number List has several hectic months, and one of them is March. In this month there are many important celebrations.International Women’s Day International Women’s Day is celebrate on March , a day when you can create posts to connect with your female audience and improve your brand’s reach. Saint Patrick’s day Although March is not a common date in any marketing calendar , the truth is that Saint Patrick’s Day is being celebrate in more and more countries. Even if it is an Anglo-Saxon celebration.

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You can use it for marketing! world water day Your marketing calendar USA CEO should also include March , World Water Day. Think about the importance of sustainability and care for the environment for consumers and include this marketing date in your content grid . April This month has two very important dates for the digital marketing calendar, and we are sure that you can take advantage of them to improve your business metrics. Children’s Day The first important date in March that you must include in your marketing calendar is Children’s Day. This date ( April ) is very relevant for business, especially if you sell products for children. Earth day Another marketing date that you can use to demonstrate your brand’s commitment to caring for the environment is April , Earth Day. May In May you will also find a couple of marketing dates to nourish your content plan.