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Private Marketplace publishers may have particularly valuable ad space where demand for impressions is high. One way to take advantage of this is to ask for a higher starting price. Additionally, publishers may decide to limit the offer to selected companies. For example, when The New York Times reports on the opening of New York Fashion Week, they may only provide impressions to , , and other designer fashion brands. They will notify the selected brands so they can adjust their bids. This type of programmatic is called, for short, because the impressions are not provided to the entire marketplace, but only to a private collection of advertisers.

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The concept involves some communication and direct contact between Cayman Islands Phone Number List the two parties. Programmatic Direct or Programmatic Guarantee In this form of programmatic advertising, the publisher reserves ad space for a specific advertiser. Typically, there is no bidding and the rates and conditions are negotiated directly between the advertiser and publisher. Are there risks and challenges in programmatic advertising? The pros of automated digital ad sales and delivery methods outweigh the cons, but you should still be aware of them. Both advertisers and publishers have less control over the outcome of the deal. The question is, how much control do they really need, and is that necessarily a disadvantage.

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The risk of fraud is considered higher, and in some cases, publishers USA CEO have used bots to fake impressions or pretend to be someone they are not. Some in the advertising industry grieve the loss of relationships. In fact, nothing serves a business better than good, long-lasting relationships. There’s one thing that should worry advertisers and publishers alike, because it places a question mark over the future of advertising: the whole system depends on . Today’s programmatic advertising technology cannot function without tracking. However, Google has announced that it will disappear in 2010.