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Registering on the site Please note: at this stage you only nee to enter and the system will fill in the rest of the data itself after verification step . Accept the quote and upload the documents. We recommend that you read the contract and its appendices carefully, because the documents stipulate the terms of cooperation with us: how the commission is calculate, how the supplier must pack the goods, etc. In the profile tab you can read the contract at any time. It is locate in the profile tab.

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After confirming the quotation, you nee to fill in the data in the personal 1000 Mobile Phone Number List account of the supplier, indicating, or, registration form, legal address and bank details. You will also nee to upload electronic documents, the exact list depends on the tax status of the seller. It is not necessary to upload all the documents at once, but the market can request at any time and the entrepreneur must provide the missing documents within hours of the request. How to issue a product card A well-designe card can be calle the main sales tool in the market: it depends on how attractive your product is to buyers.

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On the marketplace’s homepage On the marketplace’s homepage, the USA CEO product has no description. The user sees the card’s first photo, fee, brand name, category, and discount amount. The more spectacular the photo, the more likely users will notice. That the card nees to be prepare before it can be issue. Here’s how to do it: Analyze Your Competitors Look at business cards from similar. Brands and note their strengths and weaknesses. This will help avoid mistakes and use tools and techniques. That positively impact product promotion; Gather a set of search queries use by semantic users to search for products. The same laws apply to websites and search engines, so it’s important to include words and phrases written by potential buyers in your description.