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Place in internal linking is one of those operations that is practically free. internal links – investment The average time require to select and add a high-quality internal link is from several seconds to several minutes, while obtaining an external link may take from several hours to even several weeks. Application? Potentially high position impact at zero cost. . Preventing keyword cannibalization Keyword cannibalization occurs when several subpages target a similar or identical keyword. This is a huge problem for the search engine because its algorithm is not always able to understand which of these subpages best answers a given query. internal links.

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If two subpages target the same keyword. We should use the canonical header. However, if the phrase is not identical, but only similar, it is worth inserting internal links on both pages with anchor text that includes specific keywords . How to create an internal linking scheme? Many articles about internal linking in SEO photo editor start with a discussion of how complicate the process is. On the one hand, it is a simple task, but on the other, it requires a lot of time and experience. internal linking scheme Regardless of which way we look at it, one thing is certain: internal links are extremely important.

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Therefore, now we will try to explain the entire scheme to beginners, answering in several steps how to do internal linking and what to remember. Here is a diagram of steps to perfect linking inside our website: Do keyword research to find all the keywords relate to your business. Base on them, you will be able to better plan your internal linking strategy. Determine which USA CEO keywords are the most valuable and link to them most often. This way, you will signal to the search engine that these subpages are the most important to you and that your website is base on them.

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