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Diagnose this. So. if your company has never thought about this. stop right now. take out your cell phone and try to browse your website. If you couldn’t do it. your user certainly couldn’t either. Navigation Without going into too much detail. website navigation is like street signs. And rest assur.. unless you are Amazon or another famous ecommerce store. the chances are that at least 80% of your visits are from new users. Navigation – new visitors So they don’t know how to find their way to your website . And if your channel navigation doesn’t make sense. they’ll get lost. and. for a change. they’ll leave your page. Consider then some points: Does the main menu help the user find their way around? Do the page titles say what they are about? Can the user return to the page.

This is the most technical area and mainly

They were on before? Does the content hierarchy make sense? This topic is worth its own article (and we will certainly do that). but it is worth your company paying attention to a website that makes navigation easier for your audience. otherwise they will reject your channel and this will influence your position in searches. Code structure This is the most technical area and mainly concerns the topic of SEO – website optimization. Bad code is often what harms several other aspects of your website. such as spe.. mobile new database   functionality and performance in general. This is because. as we discuss.. you want to have content well position. in the search. and the only way that happens is if Google can read your website.

See if the site is SEO and Google friendly

Bad code. often bas. on a bad content manager. can make it difficult for Google’s robot to read content. in addition to sending signals to the search engine that your company is not making your user’s life easier. So. talk to the website developer. See if the site is SEO and Google friendly. Infrastructure This is an equally technical topic. and one worth discussing further in other articles. In the case of a website. the infrastructure can be summariz. as the hosting server. The server is basically what stores your website’s files and delivers them to users and Google. And as you can imagine. a bad server (slow. unsafe. amateurish) will definitely create a negative experience for your potential customer. Consider this point too. See what your company’s IT team  USA Ceo  has to say. And perhaps consider investing more in this. We have already made the main benefit clear: more spe.. more performance.